Orion 8 Panel Mosaic, mostly completed


Since October I’ve been working on an 8 panel HaRGB mosaic image in Orion. Unfortunately I was only able to get about half of the planned RGB data, so I may add more to this next year. But so far, here’s 86 hours of HaRGB, the Flame to M42:


Simply stunning Joel. Very good work.


Wow. Nice job Joel. Every time I think about dojng this I chicken out. Beautiful!


Stunning job @joelshort. Nice job taming Alnitak.


Great stuff Joel. As Ken notes, great resolving of alnitak/it’s double. And I bet an awful lot of effort was required to balance all the panes out - well done again!


Thanks all. Kit, it was a baer to process, but it could have been worse.
I was very selective with the data I collected. I made sure to try and
grab an equal number of frames across all panels on the same night, even if
that meant only getting 2-3 images on each panel at a time. This greatly
reduced the un-evenness between panels. The hardest part was the panel
that contained M42. It’s so darn bright that the background appeared to be
way darker than the other panels.


Wow that is incredible!


Amazing Joel, this is wonderful.


Thanks @entilza and @jmacon.

Wow Kit, I didn’t even realize I had resolved the companion star! Thanks for pointing that out. You really have to zoom in to see it.


It’s always a good test of any Horsehead image! Mind you apparently alnitak is actually part of a triple but you never see that resolved !!!


Beautiful work. Amazing piece of sky, processed wonderfully.


Hi Joel,

Unsure why - but trying the link (several times) in Firefox - I did not get to see the picture…problem my end no doubt. (It looked like I was on the right page - just no image and the other info looked like it was in a basic viewer). I’ll have to check my settings I guess but just mentioning it here because I don’t have that problem on other sites.

This morning I copied the url over to Internet Explorer - and all worked fine.

Fantastic image - especially good to wander through the Hi Res image. Great job.


I have been working on the same area. Here is my intial Ha.
I’m at 1.66 arc-pixel originally. The largest rendition is down scaled 60% just make it reasonable size on the web page.

Orion-HDR.jpg by Max Mirot



Max, I saw your Orion mosaic on the AP yahoo group. The Ha in this area is
simply amazing and you’ve captured it as well as anybody. Do you plan to
add color? I found it quite difficult, at least initially, to blend the Ha
and RGB and ended up going for a balance between good Ha detail and good
RGB color. I found that the RGB data couldn’ quite support the full Ha

Kinch, sorry for the troubles not be able to see it in Firefox. As you say
the issue could be on your end with Firefox, especially since it worked in
IE. However, I know that a small number of people, like 3, were not able
to access my website at various times. I’m not really a coder or website
guru so it certainly is possible there is a problem with the website
itself, but I have no idea really.


If you have not submitted this to APOD, you should!



Thanks for the vote of confidence @chasmiller46 and I have submitted it.



I am still acquiring the RGB data including tonight. Right now I only have a few hours of RGB data. If I get lucky I might be able to get enough the this month before it gets too low. Otherwise next year. I got a late start on it.

I did manage to get some shorter exposures so I can replace the burned out trapezium with unsaturated data.

Are you using PI for composition? They have some pretty good Ha blending methods.



Yes I use PI for processing. M42 presents some unique challenges, especially in mosaic composition. Good luck!