Orion HDX110 mount w/SGP


An imaging buddy in my dark sky site operation is looking to upgrade his mount and he is thinking about the Orion HDX110. I have always thought this mount looked well made but I have no experience with it. So, I was wondering if there are any SGP users using this mount? If so, does it have an ASCOM interface or will it require EQMOD and how well does it work overall with tasks like meridian flips, centering, etc.



I can’t speak for that mount but I can speak for EQMOD. SGP handles the flip not the mount/EQMOD. In EQMOD I have flip and limits turned off but in SGP I have flip turned on with my preferred minutes past the meridian. Some people might prefer to keep limits and flip turned on in EQMOD as a safeguard but it is not needed with my specific setup. Hope that helps.



Just like the Atlas EQ6 mount I control the HDX110/EQ8 using EQMOD. I have had it almost 3 years now and performs everything very well. My biggest complaint would be with it though is future maintenance, which is far easier to perform on the Atlas EQ6. Skywatcher really complicated servicing on the EQ8 compared to most german equatorial mounts and most people will not be able to perform the teardown if needed over time. I have no problem cleaning and relubing the Atlas, that will not be the case with the EQ8. Being a mechanical person I would give it low marks in that regard.


I have this setup, semi permanent outside (now) with a 12" Truss RC.

Besides what has been said so far, it is best to disable the aux encoders (I have unplugged mine from the main board) as the encoders work on stickers that can get mold on them.

The DEC axis is particularity exposed to the weather.

Check the Yahoo group on Skywatcher EQ-8 (the same mount) for lots more info.