Orion Starshoot G10

Hi there! I am trying to help a friend setup his equipment. The camera in an Orion Starshoot G10 color. All drivers are up to date, when running the Frame and Focus all I get is a black screen, even if I shine a flashlight right on the tube nothing happens. I installed everyone on my laptop as well and got the same result. The camera works just fine with Orion’s own software so the camera is not broken. Is this camera compatible? Orion’s website and camera manual says it is totally compatible with SGP. Please help, we’ve been trying to setup his equipment for weeks and finally had a clear night…

sg_logfile_20190727153730.txt (52.3 KB)

Please disregard. Problem solved!

Would you be so kind as to share the solution, in case others come across this issue in the future? :slight_smile:

The ASCOM driver was defaulting the camera to 8 bits, when I changed it to 14 it worked. Later, during image acquisition only a few imaged worked and the rest were all white screens, resulting in completely black subs with no info whatsoever. I think he has a buggy camera, he bought it used.

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