Out of memory message


Tonight I’ve had 2 out of memory messages …

I’ve attached a link to the dropbox SGP log as well - I’ve got 5 targets on my sequence and only 2 are ticked and running. I don’t have the Image history ticked either and neither the ‘sequence images uses new windows’ ticked in the view options. Also this didn’t happen during download.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0jampwoglliddi/sg_logfile_20161110184707.txt?dl=0 Here’s the SGP log so far tonight.

I hope someone can help or suggest some answers.


Has anything changed on the machine? Has SGPro, in general, been running fine on that machine before these incidents (with a similar number of targets)?

If it happens again, can you grab the actual memory usage of SGPro via the Windows Task Manager so we can see what’s happening? The logs, in the release software, do not dump memory usage stats.


Hi Ken,

Nothing on the machine has changed and SGP has always run fine on this machine. I generally have the same number of targets in the sequencer and often more.

The only thing I did do different last night was run PEMPRO and do polar alignment prior to running the sequence.