Outlandish values with SG Pro and TEMPerHUM


Hello everyone
I am new french user to SG Pro Version. My version is, and I have not used earlier.

I have a TEMPerHUM sensor that is installed on the computer. In SG Pro, the values of temperature, humidity and dew point are “Outlandish” compared to reality.

With TEMPerHUM V22.2 software, the temperature is 14.02 degrees Celsius, humidity is 67.77% and the dew point at 8.18 °. These are the true values.

In SG Pro, the values are respectively 54 °, 75% and 48.2 °. I selected the temperature in degrees Celsius.

Someone there a little idea of where this problem come from?

Thank you

Jean Pierre


Hello Jean Pierre,

We will be removing support for TemperHUM in the near future because it is too difficult to support. In its place we will be supporting the new Observing Conditions interface in ASCOM 6.2. When somebody feels inclined to write an ASCOM driver for TEMPer and TEMPerHUM devices, you will be able to use them without issue in SGPro.


OK Ken. Thank you for your answer. I will wait.


OK. Keep in mind that you would not necessaily be waiting on us. We have no plans to write a TEMPer based ASCOM driver. Hopefully somebody will volunteer to do this (we will gladly provide code to kick-start the driver, but have no wish to host or maintain it). A more immediate (and higher quality) solution would be the Blueastro Stick Station. It’s manufacturer and software developer (@perfrej) already has a proof of concept driver ready to go.


Hi Ken

I own the Per Frej StickStation (my mount is a GM2000HPS), but it is not recognized by SG Pro. I loaded the new ASCOM driver on the BlueAstro website, but I also read that it is for a version 2.5 SG Pro!

Finally, do the StickStation is compatible with SG Pro If so, how should it set SG Pro?

A small suggestion for the future. To allow the use of different sensor for temperature / humidity / pressure, would not it be possible for you to add an option to configure data extraction to a txt or csv file?

For example, Backyard EOS offers this setting. In this setting, you select the file name where the values ​​are recorded (only the last line of the file is read). For each value (temperature / humidity), you must specify the start character and the number of characters to extract.

The StickStation also indicating the pressure, it would be interesting to extract the value.


The new ASCOM platform has only just been released and I understand that support is slated for the next version of SGP.

Per has released an initial ASCOM driver for the stick and it works well. I made a small App to control my observatory and it happily reads all the data. It is better to keep to an agreed convention than trying to create new driver interfaces via file sharing.

I think a wider discussion has to take place before code is written; there are now a number of sources of environmental data for example (focusers / Boltwood / sticks / AAG cloudwatcher), which are associated with different ASCOM device interfaces. It is easier said than done to work out which supplies what data and for what purpose, for instance, which temperature reading do you use for what purpose?

I’ll give you an example from my own thought processes with my obsy app. I have two rain detectors - the AAG Cloudwatcher and an RG-11. One is connected via an ASCOM safety monitor and the other is an independent add-on command to my Dome device interface. I AND them together to come up with a robust ‘safe’ indicator. I also use Per’s stick and I know that anything above about 95% RH means mist and fog. I AND this too with my safe condition yet the RH reading is a observing conditions device reading but I’m using as a sort of safety indicator. You can appreciate that every customer will want something different and believe what they have is logical for everyone else too!