PHD guider after flip and other problems


I had a couple of problems last night. The first is with PHD 2 after the meridian flip.
Meridian flip was successful but the guider did not change the RA direction in coordination with the flip( guide scope).
The guider went pushing off the guide star in the wrong direction on the first image post flip.
I manually switched the cal direction to save the sequence. Latter on the images show no tracking.
? parked scope or just stop tracking straight lines in RA.

I would really like to add logs but I get uploading errors if the log is bigger than a few hundred Kb.
Can you fix this?


We cannot fix this… You will need to use dropbox or another similar service to deliver logs.

You will need phd2 logs for this too.


Here you go.


Thanks. Not sure what to tell you:

[1/27/2016 9:53:04 PM] [DEBUG] [Pier Flip Thread] Autoguider (PHDv2) successfully flipped calibration data

and the PHD2 logs indicate that the cal data was flipped successfully. Not sure if @Andy has any thoughts.


You may need to toggle “Reverse Dec output after meridian flip” in the PHD2 brain settings. Some mounts need this, others don’t. If you’ve been successfully guiding with PHD2 prior to this, with successful meridian flips without recalibrating PHD2, then it’s likely that your settings are correct.



Yes, I agree with Jared, sounds like the “Reverse Dec output after meridian flip” setting needs to be toggled.