PHD2 is hanging


Not sure about what might be causing this, but PHD2 2.6.1 screen freezes after working for a partial exposure in SGP. I think it may still be working as the stars are still sharp at the end of a 15 minute exposure. When SGP tries to go to the next sequence, then it can’t access the guider and it fails.

Was using and then retry with and have the same problem. Tried unplugging the cables and replugging, but still the same freezing is occurring several minutes into a 15 min exposure. This was working fine before. What should I try next? Thanks. Rick


Get a “waiting for devise” in PHD2 so I must have lost the connection. Not sure what’s causing this as it was working perfectly before. Nothing has changed in the cabling.


Rick, we might see something in your PHD2 debug log. Could you post a link to it?