PHD2 Profile "Refreshing" not valid ... still


I ran into this issue again last night. I go to start a sequence and after a short time SGP reports “PHD2 Profile “refreshing” is not valid”.

Then SGP pretty much freezes up and I have to start over.

I posted on this before but may have been in the wrong (Hardware) section.

Here is the log file. Trouble starts near the end. Its pretty short.


This issue is resolved, but will not be fixed in 2.5.1. Feel free to use the 2.5.2 beta.


Hello I am new to the forum and using SGP downloaded the 2.5.2 beta trial version and started setting my equipment.
when I tried to set up PHD2 the profile goes into refresh but cannot find any profile (I have profiles for my Astrotech IQ65 and CPC 800 XLT)
any ideas as to how to fix this?
thank you in advance LS


I just updated to the latest version of PHD2 and all is good now. it is able to recognize the profiles