PHD2, SGP, or myself


Dear all,

I tried SGP for the first time this weekend. Worked fine. However, PHD2 kept stopping running from time to time. I do not have much experience with PHD2 either, though. I had to Pause the Sequence several times to restart PHD2. I have the last SGP release in my computer.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I will post this same email in the PHD2 Forum.


mabe an logfile helps also…



Hi Werner,

Thanks for your answer and time. See three of the debug PHD2 files.

Regards, Fernando


Hi Werner,

Thanks for your attention and time.

Just added 3 of the PHD2 DebugLog.
I do not know for sure each one is more relevant:)

Thanks in advance,


PHD2_DebugLog_2018-04-01_205006.txt (14.6 KB)


Hi Werner,

I apologise, but I uploaded the wrong files (PHD2).

I attached the 04 SGP logfiles that , I think, may be the
more relevant.

Thanks, Fernando

sg_logfile_20180331202947.txt (927 KB)

sg_logfile_20180331113141.txt (204 KB)

sg_logfile_20180331004522.txt (28.7 KB)

sg_logfile_20180331003855.txt (24.4 KB)


If you just run PHD2 and leave it guiding, does it stop running from time to time…I’m wondering if this is a USB hibernate mode… have you checked your power saving settings in Windows?


Hi Buzz,

Thanks for your comment. I will try this the coming weekend. My mounts and
and everything else is in my conutryside place, 40 km form my hometowon.

Regards, Fernando