Planning tool

I really like the planning tool in v3. May I suggest a couple of (in my opinion) improvements:

  1. I would like the current date field to be changeable so that I can input a future date to see how the sky (sunrise/sunset and object curve) looks like at that date. (Like I can at the Deep sky objects web page. Now I have to go there to find out.)
  2. When I have created the imaging events (lights) with the various filters I would like the events to show in the planning tool. Then it would be possible to see how the events fits with transit, meridian flip, and darkness window. The coloured squares represent the filter colours.
  3. The filter squares could even be dynamic so that one could could expand or decrease them by draging the edges whereby the number of frames for that filter would change correspondingly. Yes, this is a lot I think, but it would have been cool.


I hope so!

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I have a version of this already… a few things are broken, but this should not be too far away.

While this is a good idea, we are cheating a little bit here and using Microsoft’s packaged chart and graph software. I don’t think we can do the color outline, but can probably do something like the orange “now” indicator. I need to think on this.

Full transparency here. If this ever exists it will not be in SGPro 3. This will require an entirely new and custom graph.

Hi Ken, good to hear from you.
Of course, the most important bit was the first one. When living as far north as I do darkness changes rapidly from day to day and I like to plan ahead to see what the future looks like.
The second proposal would have been really cool, but more a nice to have feature.
I was not holding my breath on the third proposal.:grinning:

Can the graph be visible as a docking module?

This are very good ideas! It would be enough that the graph line change color according to selected filter and have it visible like a docking module, this is like a dream :wink:

We can only hope! :wink: