Plate Solve 2 fewer areas

I suspect others have seen this occasionally but sometimes, randomly, PS2 just will not solve. It also will not stop trying and I often have to shut down SGP with the task manager. Virtually every time this happens it will solve with an blind solve just fine.

What would be nice is to be able to have it look at far fewer regions before it goes to The current minimum is 100 but I have found if it does not solve before 10 areas with PS2, it never will.

Added the option for “10 Regions”.


Wow, that was quick! Super. Thanks!:grinning:

Having the ability to select a smaller number of regions is excellent but there is still the problem that the selected number of regions won’t “stick” – it mysteriously reverts to Max Regions (3000). I have identified at least one source of that – the “Solve and Sync” function.

If you go into Control Panel and set the number of regions to 100 and perform a Solve and Sync, PS2 pops up with 100 in the number of regions. But if you then go back to Control Panel after Solve and Sync completes, you will see the number of regions has been reset to Max Regions. This is 100% reproducible. Every use of Solve and Sync reverts the number of regions to Max Regions.


I believe Ken has said that this issue has been addressed and will be fixed in the next release.

Yes it has. Once @joelshort provided steps to reproduce we were able to address it.