Plate solve 2/framing and mosaic wizard - novice blundering around in the dark

Dear clever people

Today I installed the catalogs for Plate Solve 2, and went through the equipment profile manager screen and sub-screens to set the appropriate entries where the software could find the catalogs. But when I attempt to use the Framing and Mosaic Wizard, I get this, regardless of what ‘object’ I try to find. As error messages go, I’ve seen more helpful ones!

Can anyone enlighten me?

I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Platesolve2 or the catalogs. The F&M wizard grabs the coordinates and reference images from an online catalog of objects. It looks to me like for some reason when SGP polls the online catalog it returns an error.

Are you connected to the internet with your SGP computer?

Does the error happen immediately or does it take some time before the error pops up?

It takes a few seconds - the little circular ‘wait’ thingie appears (as seen next to the cancel button in the pic) and then the message pops up. Sadly, this is on an Eagle 2 computer in my observatory, which is too far from the house to be able to connect to the internet.

Well that’s the problem. The F&M wizard requires internet access. If you can bring the Eagle 2 into your home and connect you can use the F&M wizard to get your objects. SGP stores all your searches in a cache and once they’re in the cache they are available to you with or without internet.


Ah. Thank you. I’ll take a Devolo extender up to the observatory with me - I have mains power up there, so I may be able to pick up enough internet signal, but it’s a long cable run (about 4-600m) and a couple of junction boxes, so I will have to see.

OK, that experiment failed. It looks like the observatory is too far from the house for me to be able to extend my network.

The Eagle 2 is attached to my pier, and the wiring to it - both electric and connections to cameras, mount, dome etc - is all integrated into the structure, so I’m reluctant to remove the computer and bring it indoors. Is it possible to install SGP on my laptop, and use F&M in the house, and save the information onto a portable hard disk that I can then take out to the observatory?

Yes, just create your sequence on your laptop and copy the *.sgf file to a flash drive. You’ll need to either re-create your equipment profiles on the laptop or copy the profiles from the Eagle 2 onto the laptop.

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Awesome, Joelshort, thank you. That’s tomorrow’s project sorted.

We’ll put in a more helpful error message here.

Wow, it’s good to know I’ve contributed something!

Having written software myself in the past, I know how inventive users can be at finding new ways of misusing your software.