Plate solve does not use filter focus point?


I’ve started doing narrow band imaging, and have all my Lrgb filters and NB filters in the same wheel. I’ve figured out the focus points for the different filters which are saved in the filter dialog.

The focus points for my LRBG and NB filters are hive rent by a lot. So, when I am imaging in NB, and need to plate solve to re enter, I have the solve filter set to Lum. When SGP goes to take the image to solve, the filter switches, but the focus point remains at the Ha filter position, making the stars donuts. Thus, the plate solve will sometimes work, sometimes fail.

If I go to the focus control I can tell the focuser to move to the Lum setting, and solve and sync fine. But that is not a very automated way to run :frowning:

I have read the docs but can’t seem to find out if I am missing something, can anyone assist?

Thanks in advance,


Make sure in the Control Panel on the Filters tab you’ve defined their offsets.


Sorry if I was not clear, in the filter settings each filter has the focus point defined. So Lum says 24797 and the ha says something like 24455.

When I autofocus and use the control, I can set the focus point, and it asks if I want to adjust all the other filters by x, where x is the difference between the defined point and the current point.

Is that what you are taking about?



Yup. Post your logs so we can look at them.


Will do. Out at swim lessons at the moment.

Is the expected behavior that the focuser moves when there is a filter change?



That’s the way mine works :smiley: Did you do anything like abort the sequence? Sometimes it doesn’t like that.


You likely need to enable the “adjust focus per filter” option.



You are probably right. I must have missed that. Is it in the profile?



Never mind, I see where it is. I’ll check and see.

Seems real obvious now that you said that.