Plate solve fail - wrong filter?


Ad hoc plate solve and center is working fine.

When I start a sequence, sync and center fails. The image is strange looking neither a dark or light frame.
White in the center with dark horizontal edges top and bottom.
I am using a FLI Proline 16803 with high speed checked.
Camera does not show this image pattern with other software.
Frame and focus is also normal.



Tried the beta and standard release on this so far no change.


Screen shot when center and sync fails.


Sorry for the heading. It is not a wrong filter already eliminated that. I think it is a camera driver problem. ? high speed check box?


I have confirmed this the FLI camera driver. High speed mode is a problem with this camera.
Turning this option off in control panel fixes sync and center. The FLI driver implementation needs work.

Control panel did not save removing the check option when I restarted the program

Another separate issue…
Slaving the dome option won’t stay checked

Hope someone reads this.



Possibly. We have other FLI users with this model camera that don’t seem to encounter this issue. Either way, it will be a fairly long process to correct the issue (if there is one). This camera is far too expensive to have in our inventory for testing purposes. FLI will not even send one to us for testing… they will send a test unit, but not this model.

SGPro does not currently support this option.