Plate Solve failed on IC1805

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me. The past 2 nights when I’ve been imaging the Heart Nebula when the mount performs a meridian flip the plate solve fails. SGP plate solves prior to the flip but when the flip occurs, the frame is off by about half a frame, it runs plate solve and fails after 1st attempt will go straight to blind solve. I do not have wifi where I image so that obviously fails. Is there a reason that SGP will not attempt another on camera solve? I have attempts set to 5? I am attaching the log from last night’s session, I am horrible at reading logs.

I hope someone can help. Plate solve was working perfectly up until 2 nights ago.

sg_logfile_20191125184423.txt (594.1 KB) can help. Plate solve was working perfectly up until 2 nights ago.


It is not uncommon for platesolvers to fail directly after a flip. The flip has simply introduced too much error to provide a viable location hint to the solver (some areas of the sky are more sensitive to this than others). Without an internet connection, I recommend you install ANSVR… this is essentially a local version of Astrometry.NET and a very capable blind solver that will help you revocer from this “post-flip” issue.

You will need to make SGPro aware of its existence:

We need better docs here, but you will want to make sure SGPro is pointing to “localhost” (your own comouter)

Why will SGP go straight to blind solve after 1 failed attempt. I can see that my target is in frame but just not centered correctly.

If your solver fails, there is nothing left to do. No additional attempts will actually have a chance of producing a valid solve.