Plate solve max error



The other night while imaging due to cloud the recovery option kicked in , but while trying to plate solve sgp made a bad solve probably to partial cloud cover !

Anyway the scope shot off wildly from the correct position , fortunately I was present and stopped any problems .

as the scope ( as most would ) still moves in ra --even after a while the correct position is not far away , so could we introduce a max error that is possible i.e if the plate solve reports a fig more than the user set ( eg a couple of deg from the original target fig ) it would not slew the scope without user input.

would stop any accidents

Happy Christmas all and many thanks to the team for the most excellent software :smile:




I think we talked about this at some point. It would be a nice add.


Hi Harry,

SGP already has the safeguard in place that you are asking for. If the solve location differs from the mount’s reported position by more than a small amount then SGP rejects the solve (the restriction only applies during automated imaging, not during manual setup).

I think you should post your log file so we can see why the safeguard failed.



Hi Andy

I will find the log ,

but in the mean time

I set up a target and manually slewed to this and then set the sequence running manually would this bypass

plate solve rejection ??


I don’t think so (since once you hit “Run sequence”, it is in automation mode), but Ken or Jared would need to confirm. During recovery it should definitely not bypass the plate solve rejection so the logs should tell us what went wrong.



To be specific, the solve is rejected as bad if the scale varies by more than 25% of the scale hint or by more than 10 degrees (± 5) of RA or DEC.



well that’s excellent that you have already thought of it < I will have a look at log and see

where I went wrong



Please post the log if you don’t mind. thanks.