Plate solve-SGPro can't find APM catalog

I think I’ve seen others with this problem but not sure I’m clear on a solution: I’ve been using SGPro for some years in Win7 with excellent results. I’ve moved to a Win10 computer, the setup wizard says “Setup has finished installing PlaneWave APM Catalog on you computer”, PlateSolve2 is listed in my SGPro equipment profile, everything starts chugging along properly, but then up pops a dialog box “PlateSolve can’t find the APM catalog. Please install it before proceeding.” As is usually the case, I presume it’s something simple that I overlooked.

Suggestions? Thanks.


Have you told PlateSolve2 where the catalog is installed?

Doh! Operator error as suspected. So simple even a caveman could do it. Many thanks. Apologies for diverting you from more important tasks.


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