Plate Solve Stopped working


I have been using for a week or two now. Since I have Pinpoint, I am using that and pointed it to the USNO V2 data folder on a hybrid drive that I have. It worked fine for maybe 6 nights or so solving very quickly every time. Last night suddenly it would not solve on the same FOV, same optics, same camera, same sequence, same object. I ran the catalog check in Pinpoint and it said it was OK.

Now it gets weird. I moved the USNO V2 data from the Hybrid drive to my boot drive (Samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD) and it once again solved just fine! Anyone see this or have an explanation?

BTW, Blind solve failover worked.

Near Perfection

I’ve never tried that. Do you have logs for it? Maybe Ken/Jared would have some inputs.