Plate solve with SGP


So I have been on a four year break from the AP scene…I have come back and read all I could find and am catching up on the new software and how to use it…

Equipment List
Atlas mount (hypertuned and w/ EQMOD)
C6 SCT (parallax rings)
AT66ED ADM rings piggy backed on the C6
Starshoot Autoguider
Canon 1000D

Last night everything worked perfect (I’m thinking the multiple cold beers was key here)…polar alignment using EQMOD was simple and straight forward…Sync’ed the scope to a few stars so GOTO would be close…pointed at M33 and plate solved (this was a bit of trouble)…turned on PHD2 and got guiding up and running…set my sequence in SGP and let it rip for 25 3 minute subs of M33…get up this morning and stacked everything to find out that I was something like 1’ off in RA and I forget how far off in Dec…needless to say I have 25 3 minute subs of a nice star field JUST outside of M33…

So my question is…why when I told it I wanted M33 and solved blind for it did it not center on what the RA/Dec was for M33?..would I have been better off to manually enter the RA/Dec for M33 and slew to it prior to doing the plate solve? maybe I am a little confused on what exactly a plate solve is used for…also I don’t think I have my “no internet” set up correctly…it kept failing until I turned on the wifi…I have the index files downloaded from the installer and was told by a mod on here they were the correct ones for my FL…can someone please help…

PHD2 - anything under 1" is good correct? (ignore the RA fail notice…didnt have my steps large enough to begin with)

Plate Solve from on stacked photos…

Plate solve in relation to M33…


Please take a look here:

and here: