Plate solve


I’m running beta…I always download the beta’s and rarely get a problem…lucky me…
However with this beta, I now see the plate solve requires two iterations or attempts to plate solve…1 solve comes in around 1000 pixels out on each axis…
I stress it’s not an issue for me, the 2nd attempt always works, but it is a change that’s worth noting…

Any info on the reason would be interesting.



That will be expected on some mounts (at sequence start) because SGPro no longer attempts to get an exact position of the scope prior to slew. Precision feedback in the centering loop is now deferred until after the slew. This makes the first centering no slower than it was before and subsequent centering ~25% faster. More importantly, this method is more easily compatible with a wider range of mounts.


Cheers Ken, I’m happy with the change then. :slight_smile: