Plate Solving and PS2



I am a beginner and am taking my baby steps. With the help of many I have learned how to polar align and how to visually aim the scope to an interesting neighborhood in the sky and do some widefield imaging. Plate Solving is my next step.

I have scessfully simulated PS using blind solving indoors. This is the first thing that I shall try the next time the clouds are gone, which is in a couple of days. Then I will attempt PS2 which is what a lot of people tell me should be Plan A with Blind Solving being Plan B. I don’t understand it yet but I am sure that I will in the future. I am currently imaging 2.56 scale.

My understanding is that when a computer begins running my Atlas Pro mount it believes the scope is aimed at some point in space. I think with plate solving I will be able to tell the mount controller (EQMOD) that it is actually looking at a different location; and knowing where my target is I should then be able to slew to that location by simply entering its RA and DEC values.

I think my learning curve for the SGP has flattened a bit and I am comfortable with Blind Solving. I will be imaging from home in a couple of days where I will have access to the internet for troubleshooting.

In preparation, is there a place online that you recommend where I can look closer at plate solving using PS2?

Thanks, and Happy New Year.