Plate Solving API - Iterations question


Hi Ken,

Is there a way to configure a greater number of iterations in PlateSolve2 when used through the API in v2.6.0.5.? No matter what the defaults are set to, when the PlateSolve2 application comes up because of an API call, it shows “100” iterations. That works most of the time, but when the mount is off a little too much then the solve will fail. Testing manually with one user’s failed FITS images would sometimes require more than 1000 iterations.

So, assuming there isn’t a way that I have missed to set the iteration count, would it be possible to add a new optional “Iterations” parameter to the SgSolveImage API call? And if you don’t wish to do that because it is specific to one plate solve method (PlateSolve2), could you add a way to set the iteration count in the API through SGPro’s user interface?




Hey @rgralak

I’m a little confused by the vocabulary here. When you write “iterations” are you referring to PS2 “search regions”? I’m not aware of an iteration parameter.


@Ken, yes, iterations == search regions. Sorry, I used that term because that is what I call it in a plate solving application I’ve been working on.




I thought as much, but then you indicated that

when the max regions in PS2 are 999 so I was not entirely sure.

Right now, in order to function properly, the API requires that the user has selected a plate solver via the UI in the current sequence. I added code this evening that, in addition to this, the API call for solving will also inherit the solver’s “search” method / params. For PS2, this is obviously the “max regions” parameter.

In addition to this, the regions param now defaults to 999 regions when none is specified.


Hi Ken,

OK, great! I look forward to those changes. I found that you can however manually enter a number greater than 999 into PlateSolve2. After an API call to plate solve failed (with 100 regions) I “checked” the option to keep it open and manually tried entering larger search region count values (what I called “iterations”). The image solved after 1631 regions.



That’s interesting for sure… I wonder why the PS2 UI limits it to 999?


That’s interesting for sure… I wonder why the PS2 UI limits it to 999

If you don’t know, then I think probably only someone from Planewave would know. It’s easy to confirm. Just load an image in SGPro, right click and select PlateSolve. You can enter a number larger than 999 in the regions box. I suppose that the command line option won’t let you pass a number greater than 999?