Plate solving issue with O111 filter


Brilliant software, thanks.

I have a 5 position filter wheel so when I’m doing NB, I remove the L filter and swap it out for the O111 filter and use the R for focusing, although when I focus the O111 filter I have to use that as its not parfocal with the others.This works great until the meridian flip which always fails but interestingly never has when I have the original set up with the L filter in. I think its because the exposure time isn’t enough to plate solve with the O111 filter. Is there a way to get the software to change filter for the flip and then change back to the O111? I know there’s an option to set the focussing filter for each individual filter but I need to use the O111 for the reason stated above.

Hope that makes sense,



Most folks keep the L filter in for NB, but keeping R works fine too. In general:


Thanks for the reply Ken. Problem is, I don’t have an auto focus so I’m doing it by hand. My oiii filter isn’t par focal with the rest, inc the HA so I have to adjust focus for that.