Plate Solving sometimes doesn't start



I’ve seen this happen a couple of nites in the last month. I’ll have 5 targets set in the sequence, each one has coordinates and is checked to slew and center on target, they all work and what I observed is the very last target doesn’t seem to even invoke the api. Check out my log from Nov 23, go to the bottom and go backwards, you will see that I got a timeout waiting for the plate solve that was never invoked. I say this because if i look further back in the log at the previous plate solve attempts I can see it is doing more…

There also doesn’t appear to be a recovery attempt, when this timeout occurs it just runs the end of sequence script, maybe because it’s the last target in the sequence?.

Can you think of anything for me to try?

Here is the log:




You are experiencing a nasty little bug that we made a decision not to fix in 2.5.1. That said, it has been fixed in 2.5.2 (stable beta) for a while now. If you experience this a lot, I would highly recommend using 2.5.2.

That is because the erroneous error presented by the bug in 2.5.1, as far as SGPro is concerned is an issue reported by the camera. This type of error, designated as “fatal”, does not attempt recovery, just tries to make sure your equipment is safe.


Oh that’s awesome to hear. It’s usually me not doing or knowing something.