Plate Solving Spiral Search


Dear all, lately, with higher frequency, I am getting Spiral Search when Plate Solving. I do not remeber changing anything in my profiles. Usually, after some cycles, I got a message that plate solve failed.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Regards, Fernando


Maybe try a blind solve to get your mount accurately pointed or redo the pointing model on your mount if you’re using one?



Hi Fernando,

Can it be that a cone error is causing this ? It can specially happen with a dual mounting plate, there you need to see if the clamp ( and the scope fixed on it ) is perpendicular to the mounting plate. Plus the plain of your mounting plate has to be perpendicular to the DEC axis as well,



Hi Jared and Janus, thanks for your answer. I will try the blind solve the next time I will be imaging. I do not have a dual mount plate, but I will check ortogonality again.

What kind of amazes me is that this Spiral Search became more frequent recently. I will check my sets for plate solving in my profiles. I am quite sure that I did not mess with the sets recently. But,

Regards, Fernando


Platesolve2 searches with a spiral. The more your mount is misaligned from the pole, the longer the search with be. When I plate solve it usually solves within a cycle, so no apparent spiral. But when I move the mount and realign, searches can go in spiral for a while until the mount is synced. Could that be what you see? Could it be that your mount is more misaligned than before?