Plate solving - what are the correct numbers

I am wondering if someone could check my numbers here to see if I am on the right track.
I am using a Canon 5D Mark3. And scope is a 120 mm Skywatcher… refractor.

Here is the numbers I have and am using in SGP for plate solving…:

Pixel dimension -5760 x 3840
Pixels 23.4
Pixel size 6.25 um

I took those numbers and ran it through framing and mosaic in SGP to produce a scale number.
Here is how I did that:
I entered the following in Framing and Mosaic:

Pixel size 6.25 um,
Focal length 840mm
Calculated Scale of 1.535

That is where I am . I entered this Scale number in Scale for the camera. and Pixels 5760 and 3840 for the other areas. Nothing more to enter.

So with that… could someone tell me if these numbers are wrong? And if so how.
Plate solving by the way does not work with these numbers…

The numbers look correct. Are you using a reducer on the scope? What image are you attempting to solve, a simple frame and focus image or a long exposure image? Have you set up blind solving for when PS2 fails?

The image is what I was looking at last night. Like M27 M31 etc…
And yes I also did a blind solve. It came up with a different scale number than what I was using.

I guess what is the most confusing is that I am using a DSLR camera rather than my ASI294. i guess I am surprised at the different sizes the two use. But I know that. But still it has set me back.

It seems the correct scale for the DSLR is 5.14. Not 1.535. That is confusing. I come up with two different 'scales which is not right.

So to be sure for the image session, I need some assurance as to what ‘scale’ number I should use.
The one produced by the Framing &Imaging process or the other one that is there before running the numbers through the ‘define the camera data’ in Framing & Mosaic.

In framing and Mosaic you can ‘define the camera data’ where it produces a different ‘scale’. I guess that has me confused.

The whole set up is not difficult but if you get a number or two wrong, things seem to go bad.

What scale did the blind solve show? Since you had a successful blind solve you know that the scale the blind solve showed is the correct scale. Use that.

5.14 vs 1.535 is a huge difference. Are you binning exposures for plate solving?

I really don’t understand why you’re talking about the Framing and Mosaic process. That doesn’t have anything to do with plate solving. The F&M wizard simply takes the numbers for the camera setup that are already present in the Control Panel. In other words, put your camera settings in the Camera tab in the control panel, and don’t change it in the F&M wizard when using that tool.

OK. I like your response. What scale did the blind solve show?. It was 1.53. So I believe like you that this is what I should put in my camera settings.

I was only using the F&M wizard because it gives the ‘SCALE’ setting. But it is different than what the Blind Solve produces. So you see my confusion.

But as you suggest… leave the F&M alone. Use the Blind Solve figure and dont make any further changes. That number should remain the same forever unless there is an equipment change. I hope this theory is correct.

But the F&M settings are produced when I bring up another object to view. And that is where I get confused. I presume I should just forget the settings produced when I go to another object and just let the new F&M settings slew the scope to the new object. And from there let the original Blind Solve settings stay as they were and let the plate solvinig work??

Does this thought seem about right?