Plate solving with AP900 mount and APCC

Hi everyone,

I have an AP900 mount and use the AP APCC software to control it.

I cannot get SGP to plate solve correctly and I always seem to by off by about 10-15% of the Width/Height of the image in both Dec and RA. Luckily I bookmark my star guide position in PHD2 and can manually return to the same position.

I have tried to change to J2000 in both the SGP Plate solver parameters and in APCC but still no luck.

Can someone using APCC and an AP mount advise on what the settings should be in APCC and SGP?

Appreciate it.

Clear skies,

John Kazanas.

Well as an update to this - seems that with SGP it’s best to assign the plate solved image to the Sequence.

Then ask it to center that way by right clicking on the Sequence target or ask SGP to center via the Target settings.

Why simply not by right clicking on the image that has just been solved? is beyond me - but it does work as per above to pixel level accuracy which is what I am happy about!

Clear skies.
John Kazanas.