PlateSolve 2 and different pixel ratios

I am running two rigs simultaneously on the same machine (don’t worry, the drivers are all different!). Everything is working actually pretty well.

When SGP calls PlateSolve2, it passes the FOV over to it based on the camera and telescope settings you set in the Control Panel. That all works great.

However, it does not seem to pass the pixel ratio (“Default Aspect Ratio (Y/X)” in PS2). Now, for most cameras, the pixels are square. One of my two rigs has square pixels (so a ratio of 1). My other camera, however, is an Orion Starshoot, which has pixels of size 8.3x8.6 microns, so a pixel ratio of 0.965.

Now, when I set this ratio manually in PlateSolve2, it solves my Starshoot images just fine. But since I’m running two rigs at once, I can’t set two different values for it.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to set this somewhere in SGP so it can pass it to PlateSolve2? Or if not, can I request this as a feature to be added? The pixel sizes are stored in the FITS header, so the ratio would be easy to calculate and pass to PlateSolve2 the same way the FOV is passed.

It doesn’t look like this is possible to send via the Command Line for PS2.

Alternatively you may want to also checkout ASTAP.