PlateSolve 2, Runtime error 6

Downloaded and install SGP trial successfully. I like it and most features work fine
I am using using Canon 60da and eqmod ascom eq6 telescope connection

I enter the image link from Astrobin then insert hints then ‘Solve’ and successfully solved
Then I try ‘centre now’ feature and process starts and then I get an error message ‘Runtime Error 6’

here is the link to my log file

You are passing a bad scale hint to the solver (camera tab).

[7/11/2015 8:49:37 PM] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSove2 Param: SCALE - 0

Thank you Ken for quick reply,

I did read other posts describing this scale hint pass, but what do I need to do to fix the problem ?, just enter non blank figures ?


Hi Ken,

You suggest above that I have passed bad hint to the solver, which camera tab are you referring to ?

I’ve checked again the hints and other relevant details for the object as seen in this screen shot, I first pressed the ‘Solve’ button which successfully populated all the details as shown below

then I selected ‘Centre now’ button. The Platesolve2 then started and these screen were dispalyed

So i’m not sure what wrong parameters have been sent to the solver. Also why does the program presents a general ‘Runtime error’ and not a more specific error ?

Is there a fix for this problem ?. I would really appreciate if you can explain and / or suggest a solution

Thanks very much for your support

There is only one camera tab. It’s in the control panel:

I highly recommend Alex’s write up of several aspects of SGPro (from the user’s perspective):

Thank you Ken for your help, much appreciate

I will insert the details in the Settings and Specs and look forward for the next opportunity to be out testing the auto centering which is really one important feature i would like it to work

I’m also having the other know issue with Canon 60d settle time>0 which causes the sequencer to only take 1 seconds exposures irrespective of the time setup

I will read the suggested manual

Thanks again, Uri