Platesolve failure on step 3


hi - I was trying to get a bit of NGC5907 tonight. I have a mesu 200 and sitech controller with SBIG stt8300m and integrated filter wheel.

I have been using this successfully in the past but tonight I couldn’t get a single image in over 2 hours and finally gave up.

Here’s what happened. I turned it all on and connected to cam, FW and sitech. I had already prepared the sequence and done a focus using the sgp autofocus (nice).

I pointed the scope at DRACO and clicked centre now. Platesolve2 couldn’t solve but the blind failover did and synched the mount. However, step 3 in the platesolve process failed, the mount did not slew.

So i tried again and this time the blind solve failed too. there were no clouds and the image showed some nice stars.

I moved the scope (using hand controller) to a different starfield and tried again. This time the image captured show significant star trails in the 10 sec exposure and no plate solver on earth would solve that.

I gave up at this point. I know you guys will need logs and I’ll post tomorrow when I regain some sanity…

best wishes and thanks for help,