PlateSolve2 Falis to launch...Sometimes


I have noticed that sometimes PlateSolve2 will not launch. Always on starting SGP, PlateSolve2 does load (when using the autocenter), but sometimes on meridian flip, the platesolve frames downloads but then it gets stuck and never launches PlateSolve2. Any idea why this might be? Both SGP and the PlateSolve2 binary in the SGP install directory have been set to run as admin.

Pinpoint (Full version) also seems to demonstrate the same behavior.

I am running and Windows 10.

On that note, if a light event in a target ends up going to multiple nights (because clouds rolled in etc.), it would be nice to have “Slew” and “Center” options be available on resume. Right now this seems to be only on target start.


Copying relevant bits from the log file here:

Note that around 10:01:56 is when it finishes capturing the frame for auto center after the flip. And then I wait for a minute or so before aborting.


Please post your full logs.


sg_logfile_20160910215826.txt (241.3 KB)

Attached as a file.


Hi Manoj,

I think that you are seeing a known problem. See this thread:

The current solution is to downgrade to I don’t know if the new beta fixes the issue.

  • Shane


ouch…ok. Thanks Shane.

@jared et. al. the other thread seems to indicate that you guys were trying to repro locally. In my case it happens fairly consistently (once out of every 2 or 3 times to be sure). Not sure I can aid in any way.

It seems like the telescope thread gets stuck after the flip (or going to a second target). For sure the thread knows that the slew is complete because the log says so and the camera thread captures the solve frame. So not sure what the problem might be.

Still debating if I should downgrade.


@Manoj_Koushik This is a know issue and has been fixed in the beta (available for download now).


Thanks Ken, I went to the beta (2.5.2) yesterday and that does seem to resolve the platesolve issues.

But for some reason even though my guiding was pretty good, A majority of subs had star trails. Not sure if this is because of the beta. Going to go back to release today and see if the trails persist.


I can’t imagine how the beta could be responsible for this. I would look at the guider before reverting SGPro… star trails are only caused by one thing… improper movement of the mount. Since SGPro never touches the mount during exposure, I’m not sure what part of SGPro could be responsible. It might be one thing if images immediately after some SGPro mount movement are always trailed, but if almost all of them are, it is a long shot that SGPro is to blame. Furthermore, going back to SGPro 2.5.1 and getting better images doesn’t prove much of anything because environmental conditions are different (for guiding, etc).

Make sure that you have a proper settling time for PHD2. Some mounts get under the limit and then fly by “0 error” to the opposite side (backlash) and then you have SGPro taking an image while PHD2 is still issuing heavy corrections to get you where you need to be.


Fair point Ken. The guider setup and PHD settings have not changed in months (neither has the load on the mount or any other aspect of the imaging train, both hardware and software). The trails are strongly correlated temporally to the migration to Beta. My RA OSC is about 0.4.

But still let me investigate if guiding is the problem before reverting.


Hi Ken, just an update. Definitely not the beta. There might some cabling issues causing some balance problems that just started cropping up. Cleaned it up a bit. Going to see if it fixes the issue today.


I’ve been having the same issue. Also using Will try the beta (hopefully tonight).

The hang is frequent (about half the time for me). One thing I’ve noticed is that if I can cancel and then immediately re-initiate the solve and it will fly through no problem. When it “hangs” (PlateSolve2 window does not come up), it will say “Image preview opened …” in the main window status bar (lower left).



ok - have been through many plate solving/centering events over last 2 nights, and this problem has not re-occurred even once. This is using the latest beta So, problem solved for me.