PlateSolve2 Message

Dear all,

I haven´t use SGP for awhile. Want to give a try again. As I am not at all a computer person and SGP it is kind of complex to me. However, I have been reading and whatching videos and I am more confortable with it. I am kind of preparing for when the clouds and rain leave the skies. So, opened SGP for checking the configurations of my Equipment Profile. When I click in PlateSolve 2 to check the configuration and files location, I am getting the following message: “Error starting PlateSolve2. Access denied”. I have no clue on the message meaning and what to do. Would be grateful for your help.

Thanks for your attention, regards, Fernando

Unfortunately I am not sure either. Can you tell me exactly how you are opening the PlateSolve2 application? It seems like maybe you are, from the Equipment Profile manager, going to the plate solve tab and clicking the “settings” button next to “PlateSolve2” (the solver selector dropdown). Is that right?

There might be clues in the logs file and we can take a look if you want to send it.

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Hi Ken, thanks for your answer. As you wrote down, that is exactly what I was doing. I have done this before with no issues. Actually, I am planning to use ASTAP (for the first time) as the main plate solver. But wanted to check PS2 as if it is OK in case I have problems with ASTAP. I am doing all this at home in the city. My observatory is in my country side place and I do not have acssess from here. I do not know if this matter; I guess not. I will try to figure out how to get the log file.

Regards, Fernando