PlateSolve2 seems to work very well!


I have only had a chance to try PlateSolve2 on FITS images already taken with SGP, or Astrobin images with RA and DEC info, but so far it works great. It usually solves within about 30 seconds, and shows you what it is doing along the way which is a nice touch. I hope to try it in the field tonight if I can solve a plate solving sync issue that has been plaguing me lately.



AWesome, glad to hear it!


Off topic.

Is PlateSolve2 a blind solver? I am already running a local instance of astrometry but on my atom based laptop it might take up to 8 minutes to solve some images.




No, it is not a blind solver.

Does your atom-based laptop have a network connection to a faster machine? You could run your local instance on the faster machine and have the slow laptop send the solves there.

If the IP address of the faster machine is for example then in SGP Plate Solve Other you would set the endpoint to



Thanks Andy!

Interesting idea about delegating the heavy lifting to another box. I’ll give it a try.




I installed Platesolve2 with UCAC/APM and it managed to solve in about 8 seconds what Pinpoint and my local astrometry server didn’t solve.

Thoroughly impressed!



PlateSolve2 sounds like a very good alternative to be used within SGP. Is there an installer for it?

Is it a purchase as Pinpoint, or free as Elbrus and





It's currently free as in beer(TM).  Planewave is awesome!



See this:
How to Install Plate Solve 2: Go down to Joel Short's message about libraries

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I’ve had a few nights now to use PlateSolve2, and it is really nice. Very fast compared to, and it keeps you informed of what it is doing as it does it. I had a problem recently with the scope slewing randomly after solves, but that problem is gone with PlateSolve2. Very impressed.



I have to agree, very impressed. I’ve just downloaded SGPro and tested PlateSolve2. It’s very quick compared to My solves have reduced from 20s to around 5s. Great work, guys!



My experience too!