PlateSolve2 stopped running/working


Inexplicably PlateSolve2 stopped working tonight - when I click on “center on object”, a window blinks then quickly closes. SGP then acts like nothing happened.

I had used the function all last night, and just before I had planned to start the sequence when centering on Vega to focus. I’ve since updated Windows, uninstalled and reinstalled both version and - nothing seems to work

any advice would be very appreciated!



The same thing happened to me, and it baffled me for a while. When I looked at the log, it said that SGP was not able to set the correct filter. When I looked at the profile, the filter for plate solve images was set to “None”. I’m not sure how that happened, but once I set it back to Lum, everything worked perfectly.



Thanks for the quick response Tim. I thought that might be the case when it didnt automatically spin to the luminance filter. I moved it myself with the filter window without any impact, maybe I missed a random change in the settings. I’ll check it out


I think the problem in my case was that I added two filters to my wheel and updated the filter list. My guess is that SGP will (probably appropriately) remove the default centering filter from the profile since it knows that the filter list has changed.

I don’t think it will matter if you manually set the filter. SGP will still try to set the filter in accordance with the filter set here:

If the filter is set to “None” then the auto center screen pops up for a split second and then disappears without a trace as if nothing happened.



man… it’s amazing how the simplest thing can get overlooked and be so frustrating. I think that was the problem, it seems to be fixed. I would have sworn left and right that I checked that last night… oh well

thanks so much for the help, this was really turning my hair gray