Platesolve2 tweaks

Is it possible to force the Platesolve2 popup to close as soon as it finds a match rather than wait the 10 seconds to report back to SGP? When doing a few iterations of platesolve exposures this 10s wait time all adds up to a significant delay. I know you can override this delay manually closing the platesolve2 window but would be good to have this wait time configurable.

Secondly, a minor point, but is it possible to reverse the display order of the status of individual plate solving attempts in the auto centre dialog so that most recent attempt shows at the top? Right now after 4 attempts you have to manually scroll down each attempt to see the latest status.



Welcome to the group and +1 for the platesolve 2 requests


Yes, I agree with this request. Not sure why this changed with a recent update. 10 seconds doesn’t seem like much but I ran it 10 times for 5 different object last night, so please change it back to its previous operation unless there is a good reason for the delay.

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Same here, any reason for removing the ability to lower the 10 second wait time?


There is no way to change the 10s delay for Platesolve2.
The solution is to switch to ASTAP, it solves even faster than PS2 and has no delay.

I’ve found ASTAP to be faster, just as robust and it closes very quickly.