I believe I messed up the config file for platesolve2.

I am thinkinng I may have to delete my whole SGP setup but was hoping there is a config file somewhere in the setup that I could delete / recreate etc…

Any help please. And I know I amnot supposed to set up an independant platesolve2 application. Instead stay with what CGP provides.


What is happening that you think you messed up the installation?


I changed the co-ordonates in the configuration file from the default ones to mine .

Things failed after that and I can’t restore the configuration file to its original data.


What configuration file are you talking about and what exactly did you change? When you ask for help you have to be very explicit about what is happening and what you have done. We can’t read your mind and we are not looking over your shoulder so you have to provide all the details.



I just told you what I did. I went into this application and added my own coordinates. Rather than keeping them as they were, which is somewhere else in the world.

And than I said tge application balked when I tried to run it. And now it won’t let me restore the coordinates that were originally there.

Simply put… I need to know there that configuration file is so I can delete it. Which will produce a new standard configuration file.

Does this info help?


Ok, what application do you mean? If you are talking about PlateSolve2, you don’t enter anything into it. It is started from SGP and that is where you enter any information. Again, you are supplying almost no information that is actionable. If you want help, you have to provide step by step what you have done with what application and what is happening.


Hi Again…

I am not supplying much information as there is nothing needed to supply. I just need a new config file for platesolve2 which os part of SGP. When you set up platesolve2 outside of SGP pro, it has a config file in the directory called ‘platevewove2’ . It looks like the application itself but its not. But it does sit next to the exe file.

And now if you delete that config file it is automatically re-created. But in SGP I can’t find that ‘platevesolve2’ config file. At least I ont have it anymore.

So all I am asking for - is how to I get that config file back. And if I can’t I will delete all of SGP and start over. But I just don’t want to do that.

Thanks for you help and patience.


I started this question saying it was platelsove2 that I needed info on. And not how to setup or anything like that.But rather where could i get another config file.

Well I found the config numbers iI needed and typed them in to the platewove2 config file and now things work.

Cheers… case is closed.