Please help


Hi Ken and Jared,

I am a programmer(17 years in Java and web development) and an amateur astronomer like yourselves. I am part of an astro imaging group in the UK. I love SGPro, thank you for making it, I know the amount of time and effort you must have put into developing something like this. One of my friends in the group is a very well respected astro imager and has taught me all I know when it comes to imaging. He was the person who put me onto SGPro. Unfortunately he was having a few issues due to a bad column fault in his camera. He tried to select an area to focus on but the focusing still didn’t work correctly as he thinks it was still taking into account these bad pixels. Is this a bug you knew about and fixed since as this was at least 6 months ago. I would like to bring him back to SGPro as i am trying to help him automate his observatory. He is considering using DC3 dreams, Maxim and FocusMax to control his observatory. I havent had this issue and think SGPro is great. I think given your great api’s I can help him to fully automate his observatory much better than using DC3.

Best regards