Please include FITS keyword BAYERPAT

I would like to have SGP include the Bayer pattern into the FITS header of images that were captured with OSC cameras, see . The value should be set by the user once in SGP. If left blank, no BAYERPAT keyword would be created.


I checked that PixInsight uses the BAYERPAT keyword. If it is set correctly, debayering is working with the Bayer/mosaic pattern set to ‘Auto’ which is the default setting.


BAYERPAT only reports that the camera has a Bayer pattern of some sort. To be useful to Pixinsight, the keywords COLORTYP, XBAYROFF, and YBAYROFF also need to be reported. Of course, SGP can only report these items if the camera driver supplies them.

Maybe. With my cameras (ASI294MC Pro and ASI071MC Pro), XBAYEROFF and YBAYEROFF are both zero. Actually, the debayering in PI works with Bayer/mosaic pattern set to ‘Auto’ when I create only BAYERPAT= ‘RGGB’.

Obviously you didn’t understand what I wished: My suggestion was that SGP writes the BAYERPAT keyword with a value of the Bayer pattern set by the user (after taking a look into the camera manual) in case the camera driver does NOT provide this information. This is not difficult, and not at all impossible.


We’ll consider adding a generic area to add fits key/value pairs. Not entirely sure where we’d put this, but we’ll think if over.


Thank you, Jared.