Poor quality target image in F&MW


I have a rather odd problem with the Framing and Mosaic Wizard, it’s always been there, and to be honest I did not know there was a problem until I ran the wizard on my laptop which displays the target image very differently.

See the attached image, this is from my desktop PC. Note how the image is made up of only a few grey levels, this can be seen better in the 400% enlarged section. But also note the histogram how it only has a few steps.

On my laptop the images produced have a higher greyscale resolution and the histogram is a solid red under a curve.

Have you come across this before, is there a setting to change this behaviour? My desktop PC at work produces the same low quality image. Work PC is XP, both home desktop and laptop are Windows 7 64bit.




Some areas of the sky are less samples than others. The only thing you can that might possibly make a difference is increase the FoV.


Hi Ken,

At first I thought the images from different areas may be different, but I have checked and compared the same areas, laptop produces good image, PC does not. Changing the FoV made no difference. I was just hoping you had seen this before and could tell me to tick a certain check box :frowning:

It still works, but a bit annoying as detail is hidden in the target image, making getting the target and other objects in the frame more difficult.




That’s odd. Sorry, I don’t really have any advice. We simply call a web service to get an image. There is no part of our call that adjusts the quality of the received image.


Hi Ken,

I thought I would give you an update on this issue.

My desktop PC that displayed poor quality target images has just been upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now it displays the target images correctly. So it looks like it was a graphics driver issue.