Populate FITS Header Entries when doing Remote Control of SGPRO


Hi all,

I’m using SGPro for some time now and started an project using SGPro as the backend for doing Images, Plate Solving etc. for Modeling 10micron mounts. At this point I discovered, that when doing remote controlled images, many of the FITS headers aren’t populated. When doing the Image with SGPro from GUI, all fields are there. So in result I do not need more fields, but the existing ones populated when doing remote control via http://localhost etc.

Do I miss something or do I make a mistake not getting the data ?

Thanks in advance,



You’re correct, when using the API not all data is populated. I’m not sure when we’ll get to this, but we’ll leave it in the feature requests for now.




many thanks for taking that into account. Actually it would be nice to add autofocus start to the API as well. Last thing missing for building a fully functioning modeling toll on top ion SGPro for the 10micron ist to get the data for the scale hint for solving. Today there is no chance to get this information via the api.



Hi Jared,

sorry about bothering you. Stil another topic with Headers and the handling of data: If I enter DEC in decimal in the GUI -> SGPro properly handle this (even different formats). When reading out of the FITs Header, you have just one format you have to use. Perhaps it makes sense to use the same preprocessing in that area.

Another help would appreciated: for the API call you have the online documentation. That’s nice. For the return values there is unfortunately no description (e.g. plate solve: you get different values for “message” when you have success of a plate solve). To do programming against this, it’s hard to discover, what could happen. If you are on the way of extending the API mechanism and features, please add some words about return values and their space.

BTW: I definitiv like SGPro, It’s a great peace of software.