?Possible bug in with Horizon Definition in User Profile?

Hello! I ran last night for the first time. It looks like SGPro terminated when the short period variable star I was imaging went below the 30 degree horizon I had set in the User Profile rather than slewing to the next target.
I had just set the horizon to 30 degrees in the User Profile. I also set the altitude limit of the short period variable I had been following (RR CET) to 32 degrees in the sequence itself. I reslew to the variable every hour to make sure it is centered in my narrow FOV camera, and I have 5 such consecutive slews in the sequence, each set to terminate at the same horizon limit of 32 degrees
I checked the log. When SGPro hit the altitude limited of 32 degrees in the sequence, it was in the third of 5 hourly RR CET targets. The program then went back to the beginning of the sequence to find an active target higher than the target’s altitude limit. When it got back to RR CET, the variable had gone down to 29 degrees - below the altitude set in the User Profile. SGPRO then concluded that no valid targets existed (rather than slewing to the next one in the sequence that was higher than User Profile setting of 30 degrees and higher than the Target’s Sequence altitude setting of about 32 degrees) and terminated.
I’ll remove the altitude setting in the User Profile with my next run and see how it works. Thank you and best regards

I can take a look at the logs if you want to post them.

Thanks! I probably just did something silly, though. RR CET went below 30 degrees altitude between 11:30 PM and midnight in the log. Best regards. Mike

Everything looks ok in the logs. To get the desired behavior (moving to the next on sequence error), please ensure you have selected that recovery option (it was not on for this sequence).


Thank you! I did not know about that option. Best regards. Mike