Possible bug with rs232 config?

Hello I would report this anomaly.

I have 3 scopes on the same mount and so, 3 profiles on SGP.
In each profile I have a Robofocus connected to different serial ports.

Here is the anomaly:
When I switch from a profile to another, the robofocus rs232 port is not updated.
So if I start a sequence, the autofocus starts on a different (the previously used) telescope.

Each time I change profile, I have to remember to change the configuration of the serial port…



I think this is because the RS232 port selection is set in the Robofocus driver, not in the SGP profile. SGP always connect to the same Robofocus driver and so always gets the same RS232 port.
There is nothing that SGP can do about this, it needs three separate robofocus drivers, then each can have its own RS232 port.

It’s not a bug, it’s just the way it works.

I am not 100% sure from your text - but if you physically have 3 different cables that have rs232 to USB connectors, you can possibly use someting like a StarTrch connector that retains its port allocation…

Just an idea…but I am really not sure how you have things configured.



Thank you. It makes sense.
However I have RS232 ports, not USB converter.
I will configure manually

Thanks a lot