Possible problem

Hi Ken and Jared,

I have pasted below a screenshot of a problem I had today while doing some daytime tests with my dome. To correct the problem, I just started a new sequence which uses my standard equipment profile.

The other minor problem I had was although I set the autoguider to none in the control panel (it is PHD2 in the equipment profile) SGP didn’t act on it and when I ran the sequence it said something like ‘the sequence needs an autoguider but none is set continue anyway’ to which I confirmed continue. I appreciate this may just be my interpretation of what is supposed to happen if I set AG to none in the CP

I appreciate this is a minor thing in the scheme of things as not many folk will use SGP in the daytime?

Just to bring it to your attention.

These are expected…

For the first, you screenshot does not show the events for m15, but they are likely not active, in which case that sequence does indeed have no active events.

For the second issue, you have asked the sequence to do things with an autoguider, but have not provided one to use. If you uncheck all of the autoguider options (dither, etc) then the sequence will not complain about using “none”.