Possibly stupid question - autofocus star box colors


When doing a whole image HFR calculation for autofocus, stars are selected in the image with boxes colored red and green. What is the significance of the different colors?

My apologies if this has been asked before. I could find nothing about it in the manual, and didn’t find any threads that mentioned it.



It’s a reasonable question. The origin of these boxes is kind of odd. We never actually intended on releasing SGPro with them visible. They were just there for debug purposes so we could see what was going on with each star. The green is representative of the largest stars we recognize and red the smallest. If it has a box at all, it is part of the average.


Thanks for the explanation of the colors. I had always wondered what they were for. Is it possible to have a setting to only select the green box colors stars for the autofocus calculations? It would be easier to see what is going on during the focus and also remove the possibility of selecting hot pixels.