Pre purchase question regarding compatibility and file types


To the software developers
Received auto non reply when i emailed these questions to main website with message that i had to join forums to ask a question.
Sorry guys but I’need these answers before I part with my money. been caught out twice recently not prepared to be caught again.
Q1: I use a Canon 6D on the back of a 120mm refractor that has been refitted with a Moonlite focuser including high res stepper motor. My mount is a Skywatcher EQ6 Pro with Synscan software. Guiding is done with PHD. Would all this be compatible with your software?
Q2: Having heaps of issues using Nebulosity V4 by Craig Stark as it just does not seem to like the Canon 6D for fine focusing. Is there any issues with your software and the Canon 6D
Q3: Using a DSLR camera what does your software capture and convert to. Nebulosity captures RAW but converts to very powerful FITs files
Q4: Where can i find more detail on the mosaic function. The video was a little vague. I need to know how it tells the computer and scope what position to be in for a 4 panel mosaic for example
Q5: Focusing: In Nebulosity V4 you can magnify substantially the live image of the star you are focusing in order to accurately use the bahtinov mask. How large and clear is the image so i can view focusing.


We are not trying to be a pain, but we answer the same questions over and over. Having them in a public place makes support possible.

We don’t expect anything else. We offer you 45 days to trial the software and see if it will work for you. Beyond that, we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase (no questions asked… it will just return your SGPro to the “lite” version). That’s essentially 75 days in which you can use SGPro risk free.

Yes, but the 6D produces huge images. You will need a computer with decent processing power for efficient AF and image HFR metrics. Mileage may vary… can’t quote specifics here as this is up you you, but you can get this info from the trial. We support PHD2, but have discontinued support for the original PHD.

No idea what this means in terms of fine focus… sorry. As far as general issues, we have fixed a couple with live view and mirror lock in the most recent 2.5 beta.

What is a “very powerful” FITS file? SGPro will capture RAW, in FITS or produce both simultaneously.

Not sure I understand this. You want to know about the math involved? Or just that the mosaic wizard will auto produce a sequence for you with the location data pre-populated? More info is here:

You can magnify almost as much as you want… Image quality will degrade accordingly. You should consider use of the free bahtinov grabber so you don’t need to rely on eyeball calibration. It is compatible with SGPro.

You also may want to consider BackyardEOS. This software is great and tailor made for Canon cameras. Just an alternative… The trial should provide you with the information you need.


Wow Fast response and very informative.
Thank you.
best bet is to download and give it a go.

Cheers Carl


I have 2 Canon 6D cameras that I run under SGP in various combinations on 3 scopes, one is a Stellarvue 102mm, which usually has a 6D on it. I can unequivocally say that it works fantastically well, and the 6D produces amazing images. I will be posting some soon.