Primalucelab Eagle 2 and SGPro 3.1 .NET FRAMEWORK blocked Solved


Installed the 3.1 version of SGPro on my Primalucalab Eagle 2 running the latest Version of Windows 10.
The new SGPro seems to require at least .NET 4.72.
My Windows Version seems to run .NET 4.6
Tried to install .NET 4.72 and 4.8 via stand alone installer and web based installer.
Unfortunately installation aborts every time with the message .net is not supported by the operating system.

I know this is not a Windows forum, but I did not find a solution that worked for my Problem in other websites.

Useful Info

OS: <Win 10 Enterprise>
Ver: <>

You will likely need to update the LTSB that Windows 10 Enterprise is using (you should be able to go to the About screen and see the edition. It will be something like Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB

I’m not sure how to update this or if it’s even possible. Or if you can upgrade to Home or Pro. The Enterprise version of windows receives no feature or framework updates. It only gets security fixes.

You can try the LTSB version from here…but I have a feeling you’ll run into the same issues:


Same issue with my Eagle 2. I downgraded to Pro without losing files / software although the Microsoft help desk helped ma to ensure I avoided a clean install.

I would consider that a substantial upgrade over Enterprise … MS doesn’t really even want people using Enterprise these days.


That is bad news…
Any suggestions not to loose files when up-or downgrading to the pro Version?
As I donˋt have a monitor and need to use remote desktop…

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Same with me as I only accessed it via desktop remote. I recommend you contact via phone Microsoft Windows support, give them access and let them deal with it (interestingly, as they accessed it remotely, I still had remote access). They had to make changes to the registry and a few other things which are beyond my expertise. They were very good and responsive.
Jared, I wasn’t aware - thanks for the info. Makes me feel better about paying for Pro.

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Thanks to all. So there is hope. Hoever paying for another Windows for the same machine kind of bugs me :frowning:

Not sure if this is of interest… but Windows 10 Home is free and there are dozens of remote desktop apps that you can use in place of Windows RDP.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the hint, I will check it out. It’s new for me that the home version is for free. Reading into this, I could not believe how complicated Windows versioning is…

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It’s not technically free, but MS has never really enforced much licensing around movement to Windows 10 home… for instance it’s still free to Windows 7 users right now.

Check out the article here : SGPro will no longer support Windows 7 - Upgrade for Free

I don’t know for sure that MS will allow migration from LT builds, but they do allow it for many others.

Dear all,

I managed to upgrade successfully my Primalucelab Eagle2 to Windows Pro following this guide:

A Windows 10 Pro Key is required though. Does not need to be directly from Microsoft, but make sure it is legit.

I used the standard Microsoft ISO Generator tool, but still I had to do this twice.
The first time I did it the Windows installer would not let me choose the keep files and apps options due to wrong language.

Redownloading and restarting the Windows Iso Tool from scratch made it work. Dunno why.
However the Win 10 Version is an US-EN Version and I switched the Language to German. Maybe that is why.

Until you can reconnect to the Eagle via RD it takes more than one hour, so be patient and let it do it’s thing. Then you can reconnect via your existing profile.

The whole process worked per Remote Desktop in its entirely. I’m Happy.:star_struck:
If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you make a complete backup of the system before doing this.
It worked for me, but it might not work for you, so do it at your own risk.




Hi Sonixx , i had same problem…
question for you: hou did u solve the problem that in win10 it’s not possible to use eagle software in AP mode and so it’s not possible to create ad hoc direct network connection?

Please contact about this and they can walk you through the process. They have it well documented.

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I just installed Windows 10 Pro on my Eagle 2 Pro, went very smoothly. Primalucelab guided me through the process with detailed instructions. Kept all the apps and files.
Ed Stuckey

Just an FYI:

You can download Windows 10 Pro from the Microsoft web site and install it for free. The free version is fully functional (including downloading of Windows updates) except you can’t change a small number of “personalization” options. The free version will show a small, desktop watermark but there are registry hacks (YouTube) that will remove the watermark, if you find it too annoying.

After using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for 20 years, I have converted to the Google Chrome Remote Desktop add-in. It works better than anything I have used before – especially the free version of TeamViewer. Recently Google has released a stand alone “app” version of the Chrome Remote Desktop you can install if you are not currently using Chrome as your web browser. Chrome Remote Desktop is completely free to use.