Problem with and SBIG API guider


i’ll find and post the logs soon - just trying to get up and running after re-installing first.

short story is that PhD is simply hanging forever when asked to start an exposure when using and the API guider. in turn SGP is waiting forever for the guider to restart before attempting autofocus, so everything’s just stuck.


sgp log:

phd log:


i just tried this all again in less of a rush, to make sure i was not imagining things… and it def does not work. PhD can no longer capture a guider image. was there an update to the API guider to support


No update should be needed as didn’t have API changes (which is what the API Guider Uses). I’ll try and see if I can duplicate the issue this evening.



OK thanks -rob


My SGPro & PHD work with STT-8300 have the same problem :slight_smile:
PHD connected SGPro successfully, but couldn’t take any picture, just like pfile said:‘hanging forever’.


@pfile @sshyang

I don’t see anywhere a failure from recent changes would be obvious. Logs would be very helpful.


Perhaps I’ll try it again in a few days.


there’s nothing interesting in the logs i posted?


Well… technically there is nothing interesting in any log posted by anyone.

I missed your logs because we don’t get notified when posts are changed, just when new ones appear. I’ll take a look shortly.


@pfile @sshyang

I think Jared ans I got this one figured out. The logging calls to find out what was going on with PEMPro actually broke a lot of API stuff.


cool, thanks. sticking with and 1 degree angles for now.


What’s this part mean?


remember the rotator problem where a requested 0 degree angle could cause a verification hang?

from changelog: “Fixed a bug that could cause rotator movement to never finish if the requested angle (not PA) was 0”


Right… thanks. Too many things to remember