Problem with Alnitak Flat Box unhandled exception


I’m having a strange problem with controlling an Alnitak flat panel. I have two scopes, one mount and 3 cameras. With my equipment I have created 11 equipment profiles.

The problem I can’t figure out is that with 4 of my equipment profiles I get an unhandled exception (see below) when trying to open the Alnitak settings, and the same thing happens with any sequences created from those 4 profiles.

However, I can open the settings just fine with the other equipment profiles and sequences created from those profiles. I can also get to the settings if I just open SGP, choose the Alnitak Flat box and connect.

I simply cannot find any difference between the problematic profiles and the working profiles that would cause this problem. I’m dumbfounded.

Any ideas?



Are the Coms setting similar for each profile. For the difficult profiles, you could try to access via the Optec software (and confirm cons), then access in SGPro, save the profile. You may have already tried and it may or may not work…
I had a similar issue some time ago and recreated my profile from a working one.


I re-created the problem profiles from working profiles and all is well. It’s just strange that those profiles didn’t work with the flat panel for no obvious reason.