Problem with settings


Hello, i had this problem once.
It is about the settings of a sequence on SGP 2.4.2
If i put all needed parameters in the equipement profil then enable it, i still need to change the same settings in the control panel.
Example if i do not need aytoguiding in my sequence, i choose a equipement profile with no auto guiding
but i need to change this again in the control panel… why ?

THe same apply for pixel scale and so on…
i’m missing something ? that run me mad !


Because this is how we designed it. A profile is nothing more than a sequence template. You can think of it like a Microsoft Word template. You may have built a Word template for some kind of letter (letterhead is a good example). When you double-click the template it creates a new document with that letterhead and then allows you to create your document. When you save that document it does not update the template… it just saves the document (equates to a sequence) as its own entity. Conversely when you alter the letterhead (equates to equipment profile), it does not update (alter) all of the documents you have ever created with the old template.

When you change an equipment profile, you still need to update any sequence that was created from it (or you can simply re-apply the profile to the sequence by using the option from the file menu).


Then no need to change the parameters in the control panel : right ?


Not specifically, just save the profile and then re-apply it to your existing sequence. All events and target settings will be preserved.


Many thanks, will try asap.