Problems maintaining stable connection between SGP and PHD2; failed to Park scope

Was unable to maintain a stable connection between SGP and PHD2 2.6.1 last night. Either PHD2 would report that it hadn’t communicated with the mount for some period of time and/or SGP would disconnect and terminate the exposure subframe and try to initiate the shut down sequence. I’ve attached what I think are the relevant logs:

Just so I wouldn’t lose the first clear night in a month, I ran SGP without the connection to PHD2.

However, at the end of the evening SGP, as has been reported by others, failed to Park the mount. It said it was parking but there was no movement by the mount and I had to go out to the observatory and park my Mach1GTO using the hand paddle. Here’s the logfile for that event:


For now you will need to use the beta if you want to rid yourself of that issue. We might back port it to 2.4, but we are not yet done testing and tweaking the fix for this issue.

Ken, the stability issue between SGP and PHD2 2.6.1 seems to have been fixed by updating to the latest Beta version, so I don’t think there’s much point following up on my previous email.

However, did not fix the Park issue - again End of Sequence operations ran but the mount did not park. Note: this is a different mount than the other reports. I’m using a Mach1GTO.

Here’s the log file.


I can’t be of much help. By all accounts, SGPro sent the command to park the scope, checked its status as successfully parked and then moved on…

[08-Feb-16 10:49:46 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Sending park…
[08-Feb-16 10:49:50 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Parked

If the mount is not parking you will need to inspect the mount’s logs at this time to see why it is not slewing to park.

Oops, my bad. You prompted me to check all the settings in my AP V2 driver and somehow the driver got set to the CP2 control box instead of CP3. I imagine that could be the source of my problems! Not looking like it will clear tonight enough to confirm, but I’ve never had problems with park in the past so expect the problem is now resolved.